I have a passion or emerging technologies and want to be a part of it. I want to leverage my passion and skills in Digital Technology in a position to drive immediate company impact and growth, while continuing to grow my professional skills.

I am a recent graduate from Washington State University where I received a BA in Digital Technology and Culture (DTC). DTC is an interdisciplinary degree focusing on content creation, my particular path was specialized on graphic design, web design, and social media. I am also an avid photographer and had a piece featured in an undergraduate journal on campus at WSU. During my senior year at WSU I was on the President’s Honor Roll and interned with LandEscapes, WSU’s undergraduate Literary and Arts Journal, as the Web Editor. Although my title was Web Editor I was tasked with many multimedia tasks such as video editing/publishing, social media, and production of our audio CD. Also while I was an undergrad I received a certificate for professional writing. Lastly while learning web design on of my classes partnered with local non-profits and competed in groups to create a working site for them. My group’s partner was Habitat for Humanity of Idaho, although my group lost by one vote to their committee it was a great competitive learning experience.

In my free time I enjoy watching, and if I get a chance to play, many sports. I am also an avid gamer and stay up-to-date with what is going on in the video game world. I also stay up to date with what is happening in the technology industry. I am a huge fan of mobile and believe that is where the future is going, especially wearable computing. I keep up to date on current events in the news as well.

My resume is available  here to download with my contact information.